The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow :- A crow that thirsts for water is a familiar metaphor. The same idea applies to perseverance; the determination not to give up in the face of difficulty. It is an attribute that can be learned, as demonstrated by Hercules Beetle.

Although he came from a family of kinkajous, he learned to find water on his own. That way, he no longer had to beg for it or steal it from others. In fact, his perseverance allowed him to survive despite having a very large quantity of water inside him.

When Hercules Beetle was a baby, his mother placed him inside a small basket so that she could clean the leaves off her nest. She left the basket suspended from a branch outside her cave. Later, she returned to find her baby raven unable to climb out.

She tried to climb inside the basket to rescue her baby, but she got stuck. As she tried to free herself, she dropped the basket and herself onto the ground below. This resulted in both of them being injured and unable to care for their child.

The Thirsty Crow

As he grew up, Hercules Beetle learned that his mother was unable to care for him and became independent. He learned that he could find water on his own by climbing a tree and shaking out his feathers after landing on a branch. After his master was killed by a snake-eating eagle, the king put out a call for someone with survival skills to replace him in his falconry program.

Hercules Beetle answered and trained under the king for several years before the king was killed by a snake-eating tiger while hunting in the woods near the royal castle.

When Hercules Beetle joined the king’s falconry program and discovered that all of the other birds were hand-fed and well cared for, he became very jealous and refused to eat or drink for days on end. The other birds were concerned and began to beg him to eat and drink so that they could have enough water while they preened themselves.

That is when Hercules Beetle realized that he had been clinging too stubbornly to his own water supply for so long that he had become weak and malnourished himself. He finally relented and agreed to share his water with the others so that they would be able run properly and not get sick from drinking vinegar-tainted water.

The Thirsty Crow

To learn about perseverance, take inspiration from Hercules Beetle’s tale. Perhaps your problems are not as dire as beetle’s were- but refusing to give up in the face of difficulty has advantages in life anyway. It keeps you strong and focused as you work towards your goals.

As you persevere in your own way, consider adopting Hercules Beetle’s lesson into your daily life by learning how to find water on your own without begging or stealing it from others.

Moral The Thirsty Crow  :-  WHERE THERES A WILL, THERES A WAY (where there’s a will there’s a way)


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